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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Diary of a toddler

At 15 months, the world around me seems so big and exciting. Did you know how fun it is to watch ants crawl by? Did you know it’s fascinating to chase shadows? Also, it’s amazing to stare at the fan rotating. Do you know it feels awesome to run barefoot on grass? I am simply in love with footwear. I always want to touch them but mommy doesn’t let me. There is something mysterious about it. I know these things don’t excite you because you’re an adult. Most things are boring for an adult. Anyway, that’s not my concern.

At 15 months, all I really care is about running about and discovering my abilities. I can walk and run with my two legs. That’s my biggest achievement so far. It’s also fun to watch my mommy and daddy run behind me, trying to get hold of me. I have seen my mommy gasping for breath, asking me to stop and just take a nap so she could relax. I feel sorry for her but there is really nothing I can do about it. I am a toddler. Being adventurous comes naturally to me. Really, I don’t really plan on bugging her or making tantrums to annoy her. I just end up doing what I feel like and I have made her cry couple of times. She doesn’t get time for herself, poor lady. But that’s fine, I’ll be a grown boy few years from now and she is going to miss all this fun so much. So, I am just going to make the most of it and fill her life with just ME. Of course, daddy is a part of her life too but right now, I am the priority. You might think I am selfish. One look at me, I am sure you’re gonna call me cute, adorable and cover me in kisses. I have that effect on people. Ha ha!

At 15 months, I am having lot of food battles with mommy. She talks about this with other mommies all the time complaining about how little I eat. And they say the same thing about their babies too. And I know how deeply it concerns mothers when their babies don’t just eat. Trust me, we try really hard to eat but somedays, food is the last thing on our minds. There is so much energy that we don’t have the time to sit down for food. Also, somedays food is so boring. Mommy cooks the same thing and expects me to gulp down. I have taste buds too and I have preferences too, just like her! She doesn’t get it at times and ends up in a battle fight with me. Lately, she has learnt to understand that I can actually go without food at times. But I mostly prefer finger foods, because it’s so much fun to feed yourself than having fed by spoon. Sometimes, I nibble on slices of fruits, veggies and anything that I can get my hands on. Mommy does so much research to buy different varieties of food. I want to tell her, I am a simple baby, don’t complicate me too much. I really can’t explain her much because my words are just blah to her.

Anyway, I don’t care. If I don’t feel like eating, I am not going to eat it. Period. She should get the message instead of forcing me to eat. Also, she worries so much about my weight. What she doesn’t know is this – we toddlers are not really concerned about putting on weight because there is so much to discover. On the other hand, there are some days when we really love the taste of food. I wish my mommy could stop worrying so much about this whole food thing and simply let me enjoy my moments. I am sure she will understand me. After all, she is my mommy. She always does.
At 15 months, I realize that human beings are fascinating. It’s amazing to watch other people smile at me and I like to smile back at them. Sometimes, I don’t really get much of a response because most people are busy looking at a screen. Mommy calls it a mobile and never lets me touch it. I wish people smiled and talked to me more often. But that’s okay. I am a baby and I forget things so soon that these things hardly matter.

At 15 months, my world is growing bigger and bigger. Of course, mommy and daddy are always going to be part of it but my world is expanding every single day. I am growing so fast that it’s so hard to stop running. I know I am going to become like daddy one day but I will always remain mommy’s little baby.

Alright then, I have to head for a bath with my favorite bath toys and then struggle with mommy for an hour to fight off food and then head for a nap and then wait for daddy to get home. So much to do!!!

See you all soon.

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