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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Am I OBSESSED with my baby?

Have you ever felt that you’re losing your mind once you become a mom? Of course, most of us have felt that a dozen times. But has anything like losing things happened to you? Basically, I am not an extremely organized person but I do manage keep my possessions in place. I do end up searching for stuff inside my home most of the times but I always have important things in place, like my wallet, my cards, my mobile and the basic stuff like that.

But in the past year, I ended up misplacing things so badly that people around looked at me with a bewildered expression, “Are you really normal? Is this woman nuts?” with my husband telling me, “I should get myself checked.” I laughed at all the comments and went through living my life. Just recently, I dropped my debit card at a parking lot, unaware that I had lost it until I got a call from a random stranger to collect it.

As I drove to collect my lost card (which I hadn’t discovered until I got the call), I wondered for the life of me, how was I getting irresponsible. My mother commented, “Either you are obsessed with the baby or you are probably a lazy woman who cannot get her day organized.” I let out a small laugh denying that I wasn’t obsessed with my baby, I simply loved him too much. And I wasn’t lazy either, there were a list of things I got done in my day.

I made a list in my head. Things I lost over the past year which I miraculously found.

1.       My mom’s passport – we had been to a trip to Ashville and I somehow missed the handbag which contained my mom’s passport. Thirty minutes later, when we began a search in the same place. We found it!!! (Husband very angry, though).

2.       My Smartphone – We were at a mall doing some shopping. With the baby and a diaper bag, I lost my most prized possession, my new S6 on a couch. 15 minutes later, I began to hunt and there it was, untouched, waiting for me.

3.       My Smartphone (again) – we were returning from Vegas when we halted at a gas station for a break. Few minutes later, husband asks for my cell phone. I tell him, “I don’t know. It must be in the bag.” He dials my number and finds a stranger answering that he found it at the restroom of the gas station.

4.       House keys – we are at Costco. Once I tie my baby up in the shopping cart and hand him his favorite snack, I have no idea when the keys slipped from my hand. Back at home, I am hunting into my handbag when I realize my keys are missing. We drive back up to Costco and find them from a thoughtful human being.

5.       My debit card – after shopping at Dollar tree, rather pleased with myself for spending only $17 and having two large bags filled, I open my trunk and stuff the things inside. I buckle up the baby in his car seat and drive off, blissfully unaware that I had just dropped my card on the ground. Two hours later, I get a voicemail that tells me my card is with them and that I can collect it. I hunt inside my purse and find that, my card is indeed missing.

I   I am terribly glad that all the things have somehow been returned to me but I can’t help wondering why I manage to lose stuff. I wondered if I could be obsessed with my baby, without me realizing it.So, I made another list of what goes into my head during a typical day.

     My hazy, blurry thoughts.
  1.         Get up in the morning. Brush and decide baby’s menu. What will he like to have for breakfast?
  2. ·         Baby awake. Play with him, brush his teeth and try stuffing him with food.
  3. ·         An hour later, again try to feed him something because he must be hungry.
  4. ·         My mom explains, “You need to give him time before he gets hungry. He needs to digest food to be able to eat.”
  5. ·         I nod at her in agreement. Few minutes later, I am secretly feeding him bits of food which he spits out instantly.
  6. ·         Give baby a bath, apply cream, apply oil, comb his hair and dress him up.
  7. ·         Check his diaper every one hour.
  8. ·         Give him water which he spits out, give him some fruit which he spits out.
  9. ·         Let him wander around. Keep an eye on him as he puts random things into his mouth.
  10. ·         Switch off the TV because article says TV spoils baby. My mom says, “Try to be realistic. A little TV won’t kill him.”
  11. ·         I don’t agree and spend all my energy in reading books and playing with all the toys. In short, compete with TV.
  12. ·         Lunch time – try to stuff food into this mouth which he throws out. I get pissed and angry.
  13. ·         Few minutes later, I calm down and try feeding him again because he needs to have his greens and pulses. Sometimes, baby co-operates. Other times, he drives me mad.
  14. ·         Before baby naptime – I am desperately waiting for him to sleep so that I can relax for a while.
  15. ·         After baby naps – I am constantly thinking, “oh, he is gonna wake up any minute. What can I get done before he wakes up?”
  16. ·         Once baby is up, stuff him with food, check his diaper, let him play for a while and repeat the process all over again.
  17. ·         Once we are out in the car, I am constantly throwing orders as I drive. “Give him a snack. Give him some water, give him his toy. Give him this….give him that….”

To make sure I wasn’t over doing it, I browsed Google (my good old pal) and found that a term called “Mommy Brain” existed. Pregnant moms and new moms end up forgetting things often because dealing with a baby can be overwhelming at times. Wow, I am surprised that the term exists.
For now, I am going to laugh it off because I am not an obsessed woman, I am merely in love with my son which most mothers are.

First things first, things to do on my list –

1    Let baby live his life.
2      Get a life of my own.

I wonder if that’s even possible, duh!

       About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

Write to her : chitalmehta1987@gmail.com


  1. I think every mother lives the same life.... you guys dont need teaching.... Honestly sometimes i feel like you need more respect than anybody in this world.... I respect my wife for what she does and the worst thing is sometimes we the fathers are so obsessed with the little devils forget their mothers.

    1. Thanks for that Ranjeet..just the fact that someone appreciates us makes all the difference...

  2. Very nice write up Chital.. As I started read few lines.. I felt like I am reading similar to my own... Even I keep forgetting my phone all t time.. Many a times I need to search for t.. Last Sunday forgot it in my friends place and an hour later I checked t.. T wasn't ther.. We had to drive another 15 miles for my phone ��.. Hubby gets pissed off sometimes.. Now I need to show him tis blog and say I am not t only lady��.. Lols.. Keep going.. Enjoy ur motherhood and keep posting more on baby related

    1. Thanks Vaibhavi... Yes, hubby gets pissed so often...thanks for sharing ur experiences..

  3. Very nice one chital.....to be honest I was also the same when my daughter was soo little...... Now I am free from all those....but when I read your article it reminds me of those days.