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The Phase

It is not his birthday today for me to contemplate on such thoughts. It is only on birthdays when a mother or a father expresses their surprise on how big their child has grown and that time flies when a child comes into existence. But that is not true. Time does not fly all the time. Because when my son was a baby, I was desperately waiting and wishing that the next phase comes in so that it becomes easier. But then, I realized that parenting was never meant to be easier so expecting it to be a cakewalk is futile. Perhaps, it is the labor and the stress behind those long sleepless nights, the endless cries and now, the never-ending questions and the toddler tantrums that he comes up with make it worthwhile.
I do indulge in conversation with other mothers about how hard every phase is and that it never is going to be easy. But then, I secretly tell myself that it’s the challenges which he sets for me that make it even more interesting. Sometimes, I think kids are so simple because t…