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Winter Musings – me, my son and the snow!

We are still in the middle of winter. I guess it’s only after coming to America that the weather has become a constant companion. When I step out, I always make sure I check the AccuWeather app, something that I never did in India. I only had to check outside the window to determine if it was safe to step outside or not. If it’s windy and cold, I’ll have to bundle up my toddler into layers. Thermals, jacket, hat, gloves, socks, boots. The same goes for me. I have a large carton that I use to store warm clothes. Once spring arrives, which is a long way to go, I will pile up all the winter clothes, hoping I won’t have to pick them up for a long time. On this side of America, where I live now can get cold to 0 degrees in Celsius which now I have learned to track in Fahrenheit as well. Though it’s not my first winter, I complain and lament about this dark and moody weather to every person that I meet. It somehow finds its way into everyday conversations with my Uber driver, my neighbors…