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Homeschooling is the new normal

From being a cool ice-cube to having a nervous breakdown (if you’re curious, I broke down in the middle of the road on a friend’s shoulder), a lot has happened lately. I guess it’s the combination of having kids+ covid which is a new kind of challenge. For someone like me, who thought that just being with little kids is hard, throw in a virus like covid, and I found myself going bonkers in late March. I still held my head high, as I got used to seeing the faces of my husband and children all the time. No really, when do we get to miss each other?
Image source - alamy.comSo, I juggled between a babyhood and toddlerhood as I told myself that this is the hardest year ever. I complained and fretted to friends and family. Well, the upside is that most people are going through similar problems – all are facing the new normal so we usually have the same complaints. And also, the upside is that everybody is at home so I am not envious of people who usually go on vacations.Still, by late July,…