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MOM (Low battery – charging now)

When my friend called me asking on tips on how I manage to get house work done along with an energetic-ever-demanding toddler, I felt on the top of the world. Wow, somebody is actually seeking out help from me. Doesn’t that feel good? But then the truth hit me hard. Who says I get things done along with my baby? Who says that I can help anyone at all when in truth, I am the one in need of help?
I think it’s physically and mentally exhausting to raise a toddler, whose main aim when he wakes up  is ‘I am going to explore everything I can today, even if it means driving my mother mad’. I can actually feel my energy draining by 10 a.m. every day when I try to pump myself with energy as I try to play with my toddler and I think ‘Wow, I actually have the rest of the day to kill’. It’s not easy at all. But then, I wonder, how did people before me manage to do it at all? They are still alive, aren’t they? My parents are alive. Sometimes, I wonder how do other people manage to do it all?