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Am I OBSESSED with my baby?

Have you ever felt that you’re losing your mind once you become a mom? Of course, most of us have felt that a dozen times. But has anything like losing things happened to you? Basically, I am not an extremely organized person but I do manage keep my possessions in place. I do end up searching for stuff inside my home most of the times but I always have important things in place, like my wallet, my cards, my mobile and the basic stuff like that.
But in the past year, I ended up misplacing things so badly that people around looked at me with a bewildered expression, “Are you really normal? Is this woman nuts?” with my husband telling me, “I should get myself checked.” I laughed at all the comments and went through living my life. Just recently, I dropped my debit card at a parking lot, unaware that I had lost it until I got a call from a random stranger to collect it.
As I drove to collect my lost card (which I hadn’t discovered until I got the call), I wondered for the life of me, how …