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What is the deal with ‘Terrible threes’?

Nobody talks about terrible threes. We all know about the term ‘terrible twos’ and I wonder why they didn’t think of inventing the term terrible threes. Because the truth is that after terrible twos, it doesn’t get better at all. In fact, it gets messy and terrifying when a toddler steps into the phase of threes.
Now you know why I am talking about this? I am there, you guessed it right. I can show it to you (well, in words) rather than just telling you about it.
As Wednesdays happen to be my toddler’s day at home, I always try to plan at least half the day outside, so we don’t end up pulling each other’s hair (which usually happens 80% of the time). But the problem with letting my toddler outside comes with a new set of challenges. Gone were the days when my little munchkin was a defenseless infant who would get hit by other kids often and I had to protect him all the time. Now, my major time is spent in protecting other kids because my toddler is ready to attack anytime wants to …

The Phase

It is not his birthday today for me to contemplate on such thoughts. It is only on birthdays when a mother or a father expresses their surprise on how big their child has grown and that time flies when a child comes into existence. But that is not true. Time does not fly all the time. Because when my son was a baby, I was desperately waiting and wishing that the next phase comes in so that it becomes easier. But then, I realized that parenting was never meant to be easier so expecting it to be a cakewalk is futile. Perhaps, it is the labor and the stress behind those long sleepless nights, the endless cries and now, the never-ending questions and the toddler tantrums that he comes up with make it worthwhile.
I do indulge in conversation with other mothers about how hard every phase is and that it never is going to be easy. But then, I secretly tell myself that it’s the challenges which he sets for me that make it even more interesting. Sometimes, I think kids are so simple because t…

Let’s Talk About Miscarriage

Let’s talk about miscarriage
I asked myself multiple times, if I really did have to write about this? Writing here would mean letting out the most vulnerable part of me outside for the world to judge, sympathize, agree, or chastise me. Then again, we are so used showing the best of ourselves on social media that the truest part of us remains unseen and unheard. So, I am not writing here to get attention or sympathies but the reason why I am sharing my story is because it’s not just my story. It’s not the most unique or exclusive story but it’s a common story we don’t talk about that often.
The story:
Four years ago, I discovered that I was pregnant with my first child. I was happy just like any other woman who is excited to be welcoming a new baby into her life. The happiness of seeing two pink lines is wonderful and joyous, especially when that is what you want it to be. Well, as it happened, the happiness didn’t last long. I was at work when I noticed some spotting. Now, pregnant …

Home Alone with a Toddler

Recently, when my 3-year-old son’s school made an announcement, I thought to myself ‘This can’t be happening to me.’ They were shifting to a new location and they were closing for a week to make arrangements at the new place. So, there you go. I would be spending an entire week with my son. Now, to most people, that might seem the most normal thing. After all, parents do live with their children all the time. Of course, spending time with children is a beautiful thing. But with me and my son, we have an arrangement of wanting space for each other even if it’s just three times a week. And now, when we both were forced to live with each other 24/7, we got to see the worst and the best of each other.
I got a few sympathetic messages from various friends who offered me with ‘awww, you poor little thing’ and strength for the coming week. I decided to get through the week as smoothly as possible, so I charted up events for each day. I kept the car to myself and told my husband to find his…

The Art of Reading

Do you read to your children? If yes, then you know that the experience of reading is wonderful and joyful. If not, then it’s never too late to get started. Here are some tips on how to get most from the experience of reading for little ones.
BEGIN reading to your children as soon as possible. The younger you start, the easier and better it will be.

FOR infants and toddlers, it’s important to include books that contain repetitions, add predictable, and rhyming books. Chose lift-the-flap or touch and feel books.

READ as often as you can the child have time for.

SET aside a routine time for daily reading.

REMEMBER - The art of listening is an acquired one. It must be taught and cultivated gradually.

START with picture books that have only a few words on the page.

AVOID long descriptive passages until the child’s imagination and attention span are longer.

READ aloud and use plenty of expressions.

AVOID reading too fast. Read slowly enough for the child to build mental pictures.

PREVIEW the book …

Friends - old, forgotten and new

When I first became a parent, I didn’t think about the friends that I had or the ones that would come in my life. With a newborn, I plunged myself day and night tending to the needs of my baby. Some old friends did try to talk with me but I was too busy for them. No, not ‘too busy’. I simply was not in the ‘state of mind’ to return their calls. My husband and my son became the center of my universe. But nothing lasts forever. And so, the feverish parenting phase finally smoothed down. My son turned a little older and I found time for the things I had been missing out. First, I started reading the books that I had missed out.
I even found time to make entries into my journal. At one point, I could even make time to work on a story after a gap of three years. I loved this phase but I still lacked something. I quickly realized that I didn’t have any friends. The old friends were there on my Facebook. I could pick up the phone and dial to one of them right away. We could either spend hour…

Do I know you, Toddler?

Recently, I convinced my husband for a trip (by declaring that it is my last wish for the month or something like that). He grudgingly agreed, only if it brought some peace inside the house. I started preparing for the trip. My toddler sensed the vibe and injected enthusiasm on his part too. He was pretty excited when I told him that we would be flying on an airplane. Now, I gave it a lot of thought before deciding this trip because with children, one has to really foresee everything that can happen. You need to prepare yourself for limitless possibilities.
Because my son appears to enjoy spending time outdoors, I thought this would be a good time to make some memories. Anyway, the big day arrived (Which initially got postponed due to the snow storm). I swear, all I plan is one bloody trip and I have to pray for a list of things: a fever free child, a husband who doesn’t change his mind at the last minute and a snow free day. This combination is pretty rare and when it happened, I k…

Mommy, what do you want to say?

This one is for all the mommies who have so much to say but with busy lives and scrunching timelines, they usually let the days scroll by them. And once, our children grow up, all we can say is - They grow up so fast. Today, why don't you pause and think if there is a moment that you want to jot down and share it to the world.

I am inviting mothers to share ANY experience or suggestion or tips that you want to write about.  Okay, yes, it's true that not everybody likes to write and not everybody think it's exciting to write a 500 word or more draft article. If you have something to say, write to me and we can work out something.

Mail me here :

The Nasty Fall

When I woke up today morning, the weather forecast said there would some heavy rains and some ice. I quickly ignored the warnings and started to get my fresh cup of coffee to kick-start my morning. It was my son’s playschool day. Because he only goes for three days, I usually try not to miss any of them, unless there is a heavy snow storm that I can’t pass.
Today, my morning began with a series of erroneous combinations. First, my husband announced that he had early meetings so he would be out of the door soon and would also take the car. He asked if I would consider keeping my son at home, given the weather? I shook my head incessantly, as I eyed my son waking up from his deep slumber.
My son and I stared at each other, knowing well that we both loved the space we got from being apart for short periods of time. So, yes, rain or no rain, we were sticking to our plans.
You have to look out for the ice, said my husband. I nodded, not really listening to it. What ice? I thought, I ha…