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To milk or not to milk?

At the outset, when my son was born, I had no idea what it meant to breastfeed a baby. I wasn’t prepared for the toil and labor as I positioned myself in back-breaking poses to suit my baby’s needs. Soon enough, within the first week, I ended up having sore breasts with a baby who wouldn’t latch easily to the breast. By the second week, I convinced myself that this is the hardest thing I have ever done and still the baby just cries. My initial assumption was that perhaps, he is hungry, why else would he cry. Quickly, I grabbed a few bottles of formula which he gulped down his throat. And he still cried!!!
Better sense prevailed when I spoke with my lactation consultant who suggested that I needed to let him get a hang of breastfeeding while my own body accustomed to his needs. I nailed the thought inside my head – Just get yourself to breastfeed him and believe that he will grow. And so, for the first six months of life, I watched my son grow with the aid of breast-milk which was fa…