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Friends - old, forgotten and new

When I first became a parent, I didn’t think about the friends that I had or the ones that would come in my life. With a newborn, I plunged myself day and night tending to the needs of my baby. Some old friends did try to talk with me but I was too busy for them. No, not ‘too busy’. I simply was not in the ‘state of mind’ to return their calls. My husband and my son became the center of my universe. But nothing lasts forever. And so, the feverish parenting phase finally smoothed down. My son turned a little older and I found time for the things I had been missing out. First, I started reading the books that I had missed out.
I even found time to make entries into my journal. At one point, I could even make time to work on a story after a gap of three years. I loved this phase but I still lacked something. I quickly realized that I didn’t have any friends. The old friends were there on my Facebook. I could pick up the phone and dial to one of them right away. We could either spend hour…

Do I know you, Toddler?

Recently, I convinced my husband for a trip (by declaring that it is my last wish for the month or something like that). He grudgingly agreed, only if it brought some peace inside the house. I started preparing for the trip. My toddler sensed the vibe and injected enthusiasm on his part too. He was pretty excited when I told him that we would be flying on an airplane. Now, I gave it a lot of thought before deciding this trip because with children, one has to really foresee everything that can happen. You need to prepare yourself for limitless possibilities.
Because my son appears to enjoy spending time outdoors, I thought this would be a good time to make some memories. Anyway, the big day arrived (Which initially got postponed due to the snow storm). I swear, all I plan is one bloody trip and I have to pray for a list of things: a fever free child, a husband who doesn’t change his mind at the last minute and a snow free day. This combination is pretty rare and when it happened, I k…