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The beginning

It all began when I started to grow curious at the whole idea of having a human being grow inside my tummy. Initially, I thought it was insane to actually have a life grow inside you (never mind the glaring fact that this is how we have preceded along generations). Yet, I was equally fascinated and dumbfounded at the very idea of carrying a life inside my tummy for a whole nine months!!! Gee, who does that? Duh, I told myself, practically most women on earth.

To beat the curiosity out of my head, I decided to take the plunge to see for myself and let the magic of nature work on me. Shortly enough, one early morning, I found myself staring at a stick with two faint pink lines that silently screamed ‘gal, you are pregnant’. I AM HAVING A BABY, I thought aloud as I tucked myself into bed after nodding at my husband who had been anxiously waiting for an answer.
We decided to take things really slow, to actually let the news seep into our heads. Nah, that didn’t work for long. We were supe…