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Mommy prayer

Help me God to be able to hold a smile even when my baby decides to throw tantrums when I am out with my friends, because he is a just a baby and will do as he pleases,
Help me God to not expect my baby to stick to a routine and sleep when I want him to because he is not an adult like me to have timelines,
Help me God to not worry about the mess in my kitchen because it’s okay if I am not a super-woman, I am just a human being,
Help me God not to fret about the movies that I miss, the morning walks that I long for, the current events that I don’t catch up with, because being with a baby is my priority now,
Help me God to not fight with my baby when he refuses to eat because sometimes, he just doesn’t want to eat and that’s okay,
Help me God to not scream at my husband the minute he reaches home just because I haven’t seen an adult all day,
Help me God to not get worried when my baby doesn’t reach a milestone as expected because he has his own pace and that’s perfectly okay,
Help me God to no…

A Baby's diary ( typical baby thoughts)

Hello all, I decided to snatch my mommy’s lappy while she is busy in her messy kitchen, breaking her head with a lot of things. I have been eyeing her lappy since quite long; I finally got to mess with it. She has been talking about me with you all since my birth. But do you really want to know what goes into my head? There are things she doesn’t know about. I am giving you guys a sneak peek into my head.
I like to wake up with my mommy which she doesn’t really expect but I can’t really help it. I am so obsessed with her. Sometimes, though she fools me by placing a comforter beside me, giving me the mommy-feel. As if that’ll work. Doesn’t she know a comforter can never be her? Duh! So anyway, I do get fooled a lot of times.
Once we’re awake, daddy picks me up. I think I like him; he talks and smiles a lot. And he even lets me stare at his lappy. Sometimes, he lets me watch TV with him (mostly sports) but mommy always switches off the TV. A few minutes later, he is waving goodbye. My f…