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The Art of Reading

Do you read to your children? If yes, then you know that the experience of reading is wonderful and joyful. If not, then it’s never too late to get started. Here are some tips on how to get most from the experience of reading for little ones.
BEGIN reading to your children as soon as possible. The younger you start, the easier and better it will be.

FOR infants and toddlers, it’s important to include books that contain repetitions, add predictable, and rhyming books. Chose lift-the-flap or touch and feel books.

READ as often as you can the child have time for.

SET aside a routine time for daily reading.

REMEMBER - The art of listening is an acquired one. It must be taught and cultivated gradually.

START with picture books that have only a few words on the page.

AVOID long descriptive passages until the child’s imagination and attention span are longer.

READ aloud and use plenty of expressions.

AVOID reading too fast. Read slowly enough for the child to build mental pictures.

PREVIEW the book …