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Home Alone with a Toddler

Recently, when my 3-year-old son’s school made an announcement, I thought to myself ‘This can’t be happening to me.’ They were shifting to a new location and they were closing for a week to make arrangements at the new place. So, there you go. I would be spending an entire week with my son. Now, to most people, that might seem the most normal thing. After all, parents do live with their children all the time. Of course, spending time with children is a beautiful thing. But with me and my son, we have an arrangement of wanting space for each other even if it’s just three times a week. And now, when we both were forced to live with each other 24/7, we got to see the worst and the best of each other.
I got a few sympathetic messages from various friends who offered me with ‘awww, you poor little thing’ and strength for the coming week. I decided to get through the week as smoothly as possible, so I charted up events for each day. I kept the car to myself and told my husband to find his…