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Mommyhood and my messy house

Over the weekend, my husband and I went out for lunch at a friend’s place. After struggling with my 10 month old all morning to feed him food that he will dribble all over his mouth, dress him up for the cold weather which he will hate and the biggest challenge comes - to have him strapped in his car seat for a 20 min ride all the way while he screams his lungs out, I was already feeling my insides shouting for food.
But my appetite was confronted by their house which was speck and clean – as if they had shifted the day before, as if all they ever did was to clean their house, as if they were most organized people on earth. Lately, I have been feeling terribly bad when I see homes that are clean and organized (because I just cannot seem to have a clean house even for half a day). I tell myself that it’s really okay to be messy because I take care of an extremely demanding and crawling baby all day. I tell myself that people will understand my plight when they see the baby. I also di…

How I survived a long haul flight with a baby

When my husband dropped the bomb on me telling that I had to travel all the way to India alone with a BABY, I began to have nightmares. The whole idea of spending 10 plus hours in a flight with a 6 month old send shivers throughout my body. Even though I was the mother of the baby, it seemed scary to actually travel with him.
I googled extensively on ideas to have a smooth trip without losing my mind on the flight. Thanks to the internet, I did get some ideas. I am back from the to and fro trip. Here I am, very much alive after the journey. But I did learn from my mistakes. If you’re a mum looking for ideas, you should remember that what works for another baby may not work for your baby.
Anyway, here is a list of things that I packed for the flight journey. Also, I have outlined what I thought to be my mistakes.
Carryon baggage:
This is the most trickiest part if you’re travelling alone. Though most airlines give 2 carryon bags for baby , it’s hard to carry more baggage if you ha…