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Quit playing games with me, toddler.

When my son turned eighteen months, I was battling with my mind of when would be the right time to put my son into a playschool. At that point, I was getting tired of the new tantrums my son was lashing out at me.
Fast forward 8 months, I am now partially immune to most tantrums. I think I have built the thick skin to deal with screeches and scratches. After hearing to umpteen advices from peer moms and a million other people (who are simply interested to offer tidbits of advices), I decided to do what I thought was best (Hey, isn’t mother’s instinct the answer to everything?). A month ago, my husband and I dropped my son to a new playschool. We still have rough mornings but then I began to notice that the roughness was seeping into every part of the day.
As of now, my toddler talks a lot which are babbles and babbles (no sentences yet). Though I am tired of hearing the same question (Doesn’t he talk sentences yet?), I crush the urge to respond – no, he doesn’t. But we speak fairly wel…