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The Nasty Fall

When I woke up today morning, the weather forecast said there would some heavy rains and some ice. I quickly ignored the warnings and started to get my fresh cup of coffee to kick-start my morning. It was my son’s playschool day. Because he only goes for three days, I usually try not to miss any of them, unless there is a heavy snow storm that I can’t pass.
Today, my morning began with a series of erroneous combinations. First, my husband announced that he had early meetings so he would be out of the door soon and would also take the car. He asked if I would consider keeping my son at home, given the weather? I shook my head incessantly, as I eyed my son waking up from his deep slumber.
My son and I stared at each other, knowing well that we both loved the space we got from being apart for short periods of time. So, yes, rain or no rain, we were sticking to our plans.
You have to look out for the ice, said my husband. I nodded, not really listening to it. What ice? I thought, I ha…