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Friday, July 21, 2017

Quit playing games with me, toddler.

When my son turned eighteen months, I was battling with my mind of when would be the right time to put my son into a playschool. At that point, I was getting tired of the new tantrums my son was lashing out at me.

Fast forward 8 months, I am now partially immune to most tantrums. I think I have built the thick skin to deal with screeches and scratches. After hearing to umpteen advices from peer moms and a million other people (who are simply interested to offer tidbits of advices), I decided to do what I thought was best (Hey, isn’t mother’s instinct the answer to everything?). A month ago, my husband and I dropped my son to a new playschool. We still have rough mornings but then I began to notice that the roughness was seeping into every part of the day.

As of now, my toddler talks a lot which are babbles and babbles (no sentences yet). Though I am tired of hearing the same question (Doesn’t he talk sentences yet?), I crush the urge to respond – no, he doesn’t. But we speak fairly well with the special vocab he has developed. Also, you know sentences are the next best thing to words and he’ll get there eventually.
So, I wondered, if my son were to have a conversation with me about his transition into playschool, what would we talk about?

Me: Here is the thing, you have been going to this new place for quite some time. Why are you still acting up each time we drop you? You have started being rebellious inside the shower (which used to be your favorite thing), you start pouting each time we put shoes on and what’s with the constant surveillance on me? Can’t I pee in peace and privacy?

Toddler (staring at me wide-eyed): Why did you send me there for?

Me: Why, to help you make new friends and learn some new stuff.

Toddler: is that all?

Me (biting my lip guiltily): Uh, also cos I could use some time for myself. You know, I get to do things like dreaming inside the shower and also watch some good movies and hear good music.

Toddler: Well, you sound selfish.

Me: That’s not entirely true. I also want you to explore the world outside.

Toddler: But I never told you that I wanted to. I like being at your side, letting you chase me until you start gasping, pulling your hair and doing everything that you hate.

Me: But you seem to be having fun at your new school.

Toddler: Well, I am a 2-year-old. What do you expect from me when you put me among my peer group who play bubbles and trucks and slides and songs and lots of silly games? That reminds me to let you know that you’re bad being silly.

Me: See, that’s the thing. We have a win-win situation here.

Toddler: No, that’s not the way I see it.

Me (in a pleading tone): Why can’t we make it easier for both of us?

Toddler: It’s not my job to make your life easy. Wait, I think I have an uncontrollable desire for a candy.

Me (in a defiant tone): No way. Why would I let you rotten your teeth?

Toddler: Okay, then let me set my timer for ‘highest degree’ tantrums.

Me (nervously): Wait, there is no need for that. I’ll get you the candy.

Even as I hand the candy, I tell myself that I am not doing this again. Tomorrow, it’ll be my day and I won’t let you play games with my mind. But of course, that never happens.

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