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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dear Son, there is so much I want to tell you right now....

Dear Son,

 There is so much I want to tell you right now even as I watch you sleeping soundly (the only time I can write is when you drift off to dreamland). But that’s how you are designed right now; you simply cannot comprehend the human language. So here it is, I am writing down my thoughts for you to read one day, after you’re a grown boy.

Giving birth to you has been a beautiful experience, one that cannot be described in words. It’s not just the birth, watching you grow from a baby to a bigger baby has been breathtaking. But you should know that it has been pretty challenging at times, and I have had to take it one day at a time. There have been a dozen times when I’d wished you could talk. But all you ever do is cry when you’re uncomfortable. (I desperately wish you could at least tell me the simple truth if you’re feeling cold or hot, so that I don’t end up over bundling you or freezing you.) Decoding your cries has been my number one task. Even after 9 months, I sometimes have trouble figuring out your problems. One day, I’ll get there.

Everybody told me that being a mother is hard work which involves a number of sacrifices. I have had to give up quite a few things – for instance, I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night or I watched a whole movie without interruptions or had a romantic dinner with your dad or an uninterrupted conversation with your dad or a phone call without baby cries in the background or the last time I looked at myself in the mirror for a whole two minutes or the last time I actually sat down to write for 30 minutes or read my favourite book or hear to my favourite music album or just had a quiet evening to myself. I quit my job to stay beside you, probably the second best decision I took (First one being getting married to your dad: P). Anyway, the list can go on. Initially, I fretted about missing my life but just like how other moms are, I quickly caught up with reality and made you my number one priority.

To name it with the word ‘sacrifice’ would be a shame. The things that I gave up were because it was I who decided to have you as I wanted a miniature version of your parents. I wanted to feel your tiny frame across mine. I wanted to see how life is with a baby. Mind you, it’s rather an adventure. God knows your dad and I have spent a number of nights driving the car around or making funny faces or stifling our yawns to make you laugh or figuring out your problem when you decide to cry mindlessly because you are just doing your baby job. 

Though it’s quite hard at times, I know you’re gonna grow up soon into a big boy and I won’t even realise it. One day, I’ll be surprised to see you grow big. Because that’s what people say, time flies and children grow.

You have entered into the ‘separation anxiety’ phase recently in which you simply won’t let go off me when other people pick you up. Of course, you have managed to offend other people but guess what, you are a baby and you’re allowed to make demands. The fact that you openly declare your love for me makes mommy-hood all the more beautiful. While I know that one day you’re gonna be on your own, I can’t deny the fact that right now, the fierce obsession that you have over me is quite flattering. I can’t help smiling on your grandma’s words, “it’s annoying that he won’t come to me.  Still, I am glad that someone is crazy for my daughter”.

You have made my year beautiful and life altering. I have to tell you that your father looks best when you are in his arms which only swells my heart with teary emotions. Though, sometimes he simply can’t figure out how to remove your t-shirt which gets on my nerves. (He is under training currently. Let’s see if he gets lucky).

I know my parents had three babies and my in-laws had two babies and I know a number of people who have had babies. While it’s a common life event to have a baby, I can’t ignore the truth that with a baby comes a whole new set of adventured moments. No matter how common is the birth of a baby, the homecoming of a baby into a family is extraordinary in every way.

It’s the New Year’s Eve today. My year has been extremely beautiful and momentous with your grand entrance. I hope yours has been the same too.

Happy New Year, Son. Hope we have more fun filled years to come.

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

Write to her : chitalmehta1987@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Busy bee baby

When I first learnt that babies can get bored, I wondered if that was truly possible. And I still sometimes doubt if babies can get bored. From my experience with a baby, I think it’s partly true. Babies need to be entertained quite often. As they get older, they get bored quickly and need new methods of entertainment. For some reason, I am not a big fan of television. And I don’t really like babies watching TV. So I have tried my best to let my baby get entertained from other areas.
Once you become a mother, your creative juices get stimulated. You start figuring out how to entertain your baby so that the both of you can get along and have a fairly less fussy day. Aside from the fact that babies need to be entertained, I figured out a few things along with my baby to keep him busy.

Massaging: I massage my baby every morning before I give him a bath which is really fun to do. (What’s more fun is to watch your husband massage the baby, hilarious but an extremely beautiful sight) either way, massage is a fun time for me to bond with my baby. And he enjoys it as well. Sometimes, I massage him twice a day, purely just for fun.

Baby carrier is probably one of the blessed inventions of mankind. My baby and I have fallen in love with it, totally. We stroll around all evenings in the carrier, silently gazing at people and vehicles. Sometimes, I wear him and roam inside the house too. Simply amazing product. I would say it’s a must have. True, out parents never had a carrier and we still grew up pretty good. But hey, if there is something that makes your life easier, why not use it and have fun?

Mattress fun: Sometimes, we just flop ourselves on the mattress and have long conversations. Of course, he just babbles. But that’s the kind of talks we both enjoy.

Different rooms. I have noticed that my baby gets super excited when I simply move him from one room to the next. For him, a different room is like an entirely different play area.

Bright colors. Most babies love colors. So I stick stuff from magazines, books and every other crazy thing I can think off. I keep getting advertisement posters in my mailbox which usually goes to the thrash. Instead, I decided to use them to entertain my baby.

Reading. Being an avid reader, my fervent wish is to imbibe reading into my baby. But it’s really way too early for that, I keep telling myself. And after he grows, he may not even like books. I just have to face that if it ever comes to that. But for now, I read out to him from books though he doesn’t really listen. He does look at the pictures so I guess he likes the reading session.

Dancing and singing. I have been a major fan of music and dance. Sadly, I couldn’t pursue them into hobbies because life becomes busy with mundane tasks. Here comes a baby who seems to enjoy my broken shrill voice and old fashioned dancing. He doesn’t judge me. In fact, he enjoys. So finally, I am using my talents somewhere!!!

When we are really bored of each other (well, we’re humans. Sometimes, we don’t see a single soul all day other than ourselves so we do get bored), I just seat myself in the patio with my baby on his baby seat. We just watch the world go by with me lost in my thoughts and him…. oh wait, I don’t know if babies can think. But he enjoys fresh air and trees.

Talking. He loves to hear me talk. But it’s really hard for me to talk to myself all day. I run out of topics quite soon. So, I usually call up my friends and let him hear our conversations or I’d initiate random topics and invite my husband for long conversations. Many a time, my baby stops being fussy when he simply hears us talk. Ah! The magic of talking!

This is what has been working for me so far. And I know at every stage, a baby’s demands change and so do our routines. Most mothers, I have seen, are extremely creative while handling babies. I would really love to hear from other mothers on how they entertain their babies because sometimes, I run out of ideas and all I have is an empty dry mind with a wailing baby.

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

Write to her : chitalmehta1987@gmail.com

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Being first timers - husband and I, with a baby

There is a first time for everything. Most first time things just make me nervous or excited. But being first time parent has been nerve wrecking, anxiety filled, scary thoughts, and nightmarish times added with a pinch of excitement as well.

As parents, my husband and I didn’t know what to expect once the baby is born. It was as if God had decided to hand over a little slithery baby in our hands just in a span of night. And that’s how it really was. One day we’re all full of excitement and talks about the future, the next day our hands are full of diapers, wipes and burp cloths (which is still the same)… and at least a thousand other things on our mind. I am the kind of person who needs my cell phone, glasses, a novel, a chewing gum, a notepad, a pen and water beside my bed every night. And I am very specific that I sleep only on my side of the bed every night (my husband isn’t even allowed to even try to take my side, try as he may).

Of course, after the baby came, I needed only ONE thing at night. Diapers!!! Loads of them as if my life depended on it. And it did, for the major part. And I have stopped thinking about what side of the bed I want – even the floor will do now. And only – only if the baby gives me permission to sleep at all.

To top it all, we had no idea what to do with this little baby with his slimy little body. I didn’t even know how to carry him properly. My husband wouldn’t even try (for fear of dropping him) lifting him until he was a month old.

Of course, this is not it. Battling with endless questions about the newborn, my husband and I googling frantically for answers that might help us understand the million dollar question – Why is the baby crying? With my mother and MIL who are experienced mothers offering advises from time to time, while us sometimes heeding to their advice and at times ignoring them, thinking that they were giving us old time suggestions that do not work in this century. Nevertheless, their suggestions have been extremely helpful.

Humans have been delivering children since ages, duh, that’s how you and I are alive. Yet, with the grand entrance of a baby, our worlds shifted upside down in just a night as if we were the only ones who have ever had a baby.

Life is a long and a different learning process. I had always thought I was done with learning when I moved out of college but that’s when the real lessons began. And when the baby came, it felt like the biggest lesson of all. When we held the baby, we knew we had become parents to this newborn but we didn’t know this – what do we now that we are parents? We needn’t have worried for the baby knew exactly what we were supposed to do. The baby gave us lessons by crying, sleeping and eating endlessly letting us wonder in our heads the same question – what’s happening inside this little body of his?

To be frank, we didn’t get all our questions answered. Sometimes, we had multiple answers to one question. Can you imagine the confusion? We just took it one day at a time with the baby leading us day and night as he progressed from week to week.

I think it has been fun so far. Being a first time parent is definitely the most adventurous daring roller coaster ride anybody could ever think of riding on.

Bottom-line: Always, always listen to people who have had children. It may not always work but it’s definitely good to listen. (From an experienced new mommy).

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

Write to her : chitalmehta1987@gmail.com

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cry, Cry and cry all the way

After a baby is born, it usually spends more of the first few day eating, sleeping, crying, crying and more crying. So much that your ears can sometimes pick up cries even when they don’t even exist. My first few days after I gave birth were just blurry, hazy and confusing. Lack of sleep and rest made me incapable of decoding the cries of the newborn. In fact, I think the baby probably obtained extensive luxury in crying blissfully all the time.

What is really amazing is that a baby can actually cry in different patterns, sounds in various pitches. What if I told you that each cry came with a message? Yeah, I rolled my eyes wide when I discovered that a baby is usually talking to you by crying. I always thought babies just cry whenever they wanted something, mostly food. But it so happens that there are various things a baby needs and will cry in different ways to let you know.

When I found myself drowned in my baby’s cries, I did a lot of research to decode the cries. Sometimes, I made sense of the cries but most of the times, it just remained a mystery. I know I am making this sound too far-fetched but hey, if you’d had a baby, you would agree with me.

Anyway, here is a list of what I found from the web and my own experience of what a baby’s cry can mean. Babies cry for various reasons. What the baby could be trying to say is:

1.       Please hold me. I just want to be held in your arms.
2.       M.I.L.K. All I really need is milk. Right now.
3.       I am feeling hot. Please remove that itchy diaper off me.
4.       I am feeling cold. Please adjust the damn AC.
5.       Sleepy. Terribly sleepy. So I am just going to cry until you put me to sleep.
6.       This t-shirt has a tag on it and it’s bothering me way too much.
7.       I am wet. Please get me dry clothes.
8.       All that milk is making me gassy. I am so full I can’t do anything but cry.
9.       I met so many people today. I am all stimulated.
10.   I just really want to cry so please just let me be myself.
11.   I think I am just missing my mommmy, though I am already in her arms.
12.   Let me just cry to piss you off ( I don’t know if babies do this on purpose :P)

More often than not, I felt my baby just relieved some pleasure in crying for no reason at all. Of course, I racked my brains trying to figure out the reason for each of those cries. It took me long to accept that sometimes babies just cry because that’s all they know to do so. Sometimes, I just have let him cry to let him feel better.

The good thing is, as they get older, the crying lessens. You become more proficient in figuring out the cries without any hassles. It usually amounts to hunger, sleepiness or boredom. Now after all the research, thankfully, I am not longer scared of the cries.

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

Write to her : chitalmehta1987@gmail.com

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Magical bond

“Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby and the earth”- Pamela K. Wiggins

I have always known that mothers are protective when it comes to their children. In fact, a mommy gets extra super power when she has to go far and beyond to protect her child. This fierce love, I believe comes from the bond between the mother and the baby which begins right after birth. For whatever reason, I began bonding with my baby only a few days post-birth, after making sense of reality by digesting the fact that ‘I have a baby of my own, yippee’

Breastfeeding is a concept which has both confused and baffled me to a considerable extent. I was told that that breastfeeding plays an important role in strengthening mom-baby bond. Once the baby is born, it’s stuck at mother’s breast for ten to twelve times per day for months to come as the baby survives purely on mother’s milk.

My experience with breastfeeding has been rather blissful, not to mention that it’s also been a bumpy road. Initially, it was daunting to have the baby at my breast so often. In fact, I was surprised that a baby had to eat so often to stay alive. When the doctor said that I’d have to feed him every two to three hours, I was thinking, “Is he gonna eat that often? Whoa, when am I going to sleep?” I needn’t have worried because sleep was not the only cause for concern.

As I battled my way through day and night, I tried to get a hang of how to deal with this baby who thought it was a good idea to have milk and then let out high pitched cries to confuse me further. Add in more troubles – sore nipples, slow milk supply, engorgement, mom learning to help baby latch, baby learning to latch – phew, whoever said that being a mom was hard task said it true. The initial weeks were little nightmarish and scary. Yep, I was scared of my little one. Don’t be fooled by their tiny frame, they can cry a lot. A LOT.

Thanks to the makers of products such as breast pumps, nipple shields, breast pads, nursing pillow which helped me immensely in keeping my milk supply intact and also develop a healthy breastfeeding relationship. These made my life easier.

More often than not, I have scared myself by wondering if my baby was getting enough or not. I have scrambled up my fingers on google so often during mid-nights with my head bombarding with worries. Isn’t that what most first time mothers do? But I would remind myself with what my MIL tells me so often. Every mother makes milk, she simply has to want to feed her baby. I am not sure how far that could be true, but it has worked for me for the major part. Of course, what also worked was having my mother around to feed me with ample food to be able to in turn feed the baby.

Lately, doctors recommend breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of baby’s life which is not easy at all. Getting out of the house is simply not an easy task. It’s surely not impossible, I have tried quite a few times and failed miserably too when my husband had to rush home with the baby screeching from the car seat. But I learned lessons and now I am a pro at dealing with the baby. Yep, I win a few times now and then.

I have been doing well so far but I get deviated quite often with the want of buying myself some freedom. Whenever I find myself surrounded with conflicting thoughts, I try to read the benefits of breastfeeding so that I am able to keep my commitment alive. Breastfeeding is probably one of the best gifts we can give our babies.

 I have no idea if these benefits really make a difference or not because there are mothers who don’t breastfeed for too long and still have healthy babies growing up. But what probably matters is the bond – to think that only we women can actually experience this bond makes us the luckier lot, aren’t we?

It is blissful to have baby close to you as he feeds and looks into your eye with the growing familiarity that you are the one who keeps him alive. That forms the magical bond. And to think that the bond grows stronger with each passing day is one of the nature’s surprising ways.

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

Write to her : chitalmehta1987@gmail.com

Monday, August 24, 2015

The beginning

It all began when I started to grow curious at the whole idea of having a human being grow inside my tummy. Initially, I thought it was insane to actually have a life grow inside you (never mind the glaring fact that this is how we have preceded along generations). Yet, I was equally fascinated and dumbfounded at the very idea of carrying a life inside my tummy for a whole nine months!!! Gee, who does that? Duh, I told myself, practically most women on earth.

To beat the curiosity out of my head, I decided to take the plunge to see for myself and let the magic of nature work on me. Shortly enough, one early morning, I found myself staring at a stick with two faint pink lines that silently screamed ‘gal, you are pregnant’. I AM HAVING A BABY, I thought aloud as I tucked myself into bed after nodding at my husband who had been anxiously waiting for an answer.

We decided to take things really slow, to actually let the news seep into our heads. Nah, that didn’t work for long. We were super excited at the prospect of welcoming a miniature version that would be a fusion of us. We were ready for our next phase, parenthood.

For the first few months, I kept staring at my tummy that remained skinny as ever with no growing signs of a baby. I spent a lot of time disappointed, anxious, worried, bored, cranky, moody from time to time bombarding myself with endless questions to which google did provide some answers, most of which confused me further.

Once the food cravings set in, I set my mind on deciding the next meal. Food was all I could think about most of the time as my tongue seemed to have a say of its own. Thanks to my MIL who stepped in to decide my every course of meal. Trust me, when you’re pregnant, you have no idea what you want but you still want something. Confusing, eh? That’s how it is but it’s wonderful to have someone around.  And when you get really jumpy and moody, it surely helps to have partner around who can be your punching bag. Mine was perfect!

It gets even more jarring with the little foreign body moving inside you keeping you awake all night until he finally kicks hard to get out of your tummy to make the grand entrance. What really annoyed me was that nobody ever said that pregnancy was not 9 whole months. In fact, it was a little over 9 months which was perfect to test my patience. 

After the anxious agonized wait, the baby finally wheeled himself a day after the due date. When I finally held my newborn in my hands, I felt nothing but pure relief that it was over. Instead of cooing over the tiny baby, I was dealing with post-delivery mood swings as I let my mind adjust to the idea of having a baby of my own. But the small creature has a mind of its own who gets immense pleasure in high pitched cries.

After having my mum handle him for the first few days, I eventually got a hold of myself and also on how to soothe a crying baby. It’s been a slow start but the baby and I have learnt to love each other. 

We are a team now, for better and for worse. 

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

Write to her : chitalmehta1987@gmail.com