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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Busy bee baby

When I first learnt that babies can get bored, I wondered if that was truly possible. And I still sometimes doubt if babies can get bored. From my experience with a baby, I think it’s partly true. Babies need to be entertained quite often. As they get older, they get bored quickly and need new methods of entertainment. For some reason, I am not a big fan of television. And I don’t really like babies watching TV. So I have tried my best to let my baby get entertained from other areas.
Once you become a mother, your creative juices get stimulated. You start figuring out how to entertain your baby so that the both of you can get along and have a fairly less fussy day. Aside from the fact that babies need to be entertained, I figured out a few things along with my baby to keep him busy.

Massaging: I massage my baby every morning before I give him a bath which is really fun to do. (What’s more fun is to watch your husband massage the baby, hilarious but an extremely beautiful sight) either way, massage is a fun time for me to bond with my baby. And he enjoys it as well. Sometimes, I massage him twice a day, purely just for fun.

Baby carrier is probably one of the blessed inventions of mankind. My baby and I have fallen in love with it, totally. We stroll around all evenings in the carrier, silently gazing at people and vehicles. Sometimes, I wear him and roam inside the house too. Simply amazing product. I would say it’s a must have. True, out parents never had a carrier and we still grew up pretty good. But hey, if there is something that makes your life easier, why not use it and have fun?

Mattress fun: Sometimes, we just flop ourselves on the mattress and have long conversations. Of course, he just babbles. But that’s the kind of talks we both enjoy.

Different rooms. I have noticed that my baby gets super excited when I simply move him from one room to the next. For him, a different room is like an entirely different play area.

Bright colors. Most babies love colors. So I stick stuff from magazines, books and every other crazy thing I can think off. I keep getting advertisement posters in my mailbox which usually goes to the thrash. Instead, I decided to use them to entertain my baby.

Reading. Being an avid reader, my fervent wish is to imbibe reading into my baby. But it’s really way too early for that, I keep telling myself. And after he grows, he may not even like books. I just have to face that if it ever comes to that. But for now, I read out to him from books though he doesn’t really listen. He does look at the pictures so I guess he likes the reading session.

Dancing and singing. I have been a major fan of music and dance. Sadly, I couldn’t pursue them into hobbies because life becomes busy with mundane tasks. Here comes a baby who seems to enjoy my broken shrill voice and old fashioned dancing. He doesn’t judge me. In fact, he enjoys. So finally, I am using my talents somewhere!!!

When we are really bored of each other (well, we’re humans. Sometimes, we don’t see a single soul all day other than ourselves so we do get bored), I just seat myself in the patio with my baby on his baby seat. We just watch the world go by with me lost in my thoughts and him…. oh wait, I don’t know if babies can think. But he enjoys fresh air and trees.

Talking. He loves to hear me talk. But it’s really hard for me to talk to myself all day. I run out of topics quite soon. So, I usually call up my friends and let him hear our conversations or I’d initiate random topics and invite my husband for long conversations. Many a time, my baby stops being fussy when he simply hears us talk. Ah! The magic of talking!

This is what has been working for me so far. And I know at every stage, a baby’s demands change and so do our routines. Most mothers, I have seen, are extremely creative while handling babies. I would really love to hear from other mothers on how they entertain their babies because sometimes, I run out of ideas and all I have is an empty dry mind with a wailing baby.

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

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  1. Get down on all fours and crawl with him.. ��

  2. Play with him with his toys...take him out for a walk...bubble bath...play pen with his toys loaded.....

  3. Give him some cooked pastas to play with...messy play with clay n colours...