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Mommyhood and my messy house

Over the weekend, my husband and I went out for lunch at a friend’s place. After struggling with my 10 month old all morning to feed him food that he will dribble all over his mouth, dress him up for the cold weather which he will hate and the biggest challenge comes - to have him strapped in his car seat for a 20 min ride all the way while he screams his lungs out, I was already feeling my insides shouting for food.

But my appetite was confronted by their house which was speck and clean – as if they had shifted the day before, as if all they ever did was to clean their house, as if they were most organized people on earth. Lately, I have been feeling terribly bad when I see homes that are clean and organized (because I just cannot seem to have a clean house even for half a day). I tell myself that it’s really okay to be messy because I take care of an extremely demanding and crawling baby all day. I tell myself that people will understand my plight when they see the baby. I also discussed the same with other mothers who agreed that its really unnecessary to worry about a clean house for at least until the baby grew a little.

Unconvinced, I decided to get my house organized, come what may. I was ready to wage war with my 10-month old son, ready to face whatever mess he may shove upon me.

My regular Monday schedule (The day I decided to get organized)


6 am: Day begins. Baby awake already. After changing his diaper, I scream to my husband to take care of the baby because I need to brush and get something hot to drink.
6.30 am: I enter the kitchen to set the menu for the day. I decide to multi task and clean the kitchen as well. I feel something near my legs. Baby crawling. So I carry him and get him something to eat all the while when I call out to my husband.
7.30 am: I finally get my husband to carry the baby and enter the kitchen for the second time. No time to clean anything. I get cooking done just in time.
8.15 am: Baby again near my legs screaming for me. He wants me to play with him. I smile at him wondering when will I get time to have my coffee. I call at my husband again but he says he needs to be in time for work.
9.30 am: we are waving daddy goodbye after giving him breakfast and lunch. Baby finally decids to take a morning nap. I get two golden hours of silence. I spend 15 minutes peacefully having my coffee and breakfast. With renewed energy, I clean up the mess in the kitchen.
11.30 am: Baby wakes up with a screaming alarm. I carry him, change his diaper and set him for play. It’s time for a small snack. We dance and eat to the music of rhymes. He crawls all around exploring the house and pulling at whatever comes to his tiny hands.
12.30 pm: Shower time for baby that lasts 20 mins. Shower time for me that lasts 5 mins because he hates it when I shower.
1.30 pm: Lunch time. He loves to eat but he loves more to play with food. There is food everywhere around the house.
3.30 pm: After nonstop play, he decides it’s time for nap. I spend 20 mins to just put him to sleep. Lunch time for me. I finally get to eat in silence while I grab my I-pad to catch my favorite show or check my emails or just get some writing done. After which, I end up picking all toys and crap from the carpet. I spend the next one hour organizing stuff.
5 pm: Baby awake. Snack time followed by play time. He now needs to get out for some air because he is bored with me. (He doesn’t say it but I can read it on his face). We are out, dressed warm having a nice walk greeting people and their dogs. Baby enjoys watching trees.
6.15 pm: Back home. Desperately bored with all toys. Waiting for daddy to come home. Already called daddy twice asking him to come home soon.
6.30 pm: Daddy is home. Baby excited to see another human being. I finally get some ME time again which I spend in the kitchen planning for dinner.
7.15 pm: Baby in the kitchen floor throwing and grabbing things. I finally get him his dinner while he tries to jump out from his high chair. After a long play with daddy and mommy back and forth, he decides to retire to bed.
9 pm: I finally get dinner for my husband and myself while we get some talking done and screaming in whispers. Husband gets busy with TV. I spend time once again cleaning all the rooms picking up all mess and organizing stuff, preparing for the day ahead.
10 pm: Exhausted. Need to sleep right away. (Baby wakes up twice or thrice making sure mommy is right there)

Day 2:

6 am: Awake. Baby also awake. I decide not to spend time organizing stuff. I am already feeling relaxed.

I end up having a relaxed day.

Motto for myself: Don’t bother cleaning the mess too much. Mommyhood is enough for now.

About the Author Chital Mehta loves to explore new books. After becoming a mother, she started this blog to share her experiences as a mother. Apart from being busy with her baby, she makes times for writing, reading and watching movies. She has authored 4 fiction novels. You can find details on her facebook page :Chital Mehta facebook

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