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The “TOY” investment

After my obsession with clothing stores, I discovered my recent obsession when I stepped into a toy store. Within few minutes, my shopping cart was filled with toys which I fiercely believed will contribute to my toddler’s development and growth. I imagined my son playing with all the toys and claimed that he needed to have them, no matter what. Then my husband comes along and puts some sense into me telling that no kid needs so many toys to play with because we all know that kids get bored with toys eventually. I believed this for a long time but I recently realized this – “Toys are essential for babies and toddlers”. It’s the kind of toys that we provide them that matters. The “type” of toy and not the quantity matters.

So, I carefully looked at my shopping cart and decided that toy companies would do anything to lure us into buying toys that our children may not need at all. Since a few months, I have researched across the web often and also read a lot of reviews on what kind of toys do children really need. Also, there is money involved here. As parents, I think it’s important to understand where we are investing money when it comes to purchasing toys.

I am a firm believer in letting my toddler move around the house. So, I always look for toys that doesn’t let him remain seated for a long time as children need to be extremely active.  Here is my list of what let’s my child move often. I have also, ended up buying things that were not needed at all. In short, I bought the wrong toys but with experience, I am learning.

V- tech walker – this is an amazing walker, I bought this on the basis of a friend’s suggestion. My son loves it even though he has mastered the skill of walking months earlier. I think it’s a great toy for kids to move around and be in motion.

Fisher price corn popper- I wasn’t really keen on this one but I decided to give a try. I even considered returning if my son wasn’t really using it. Eventually, he started enjoying pushing it around as it’s fun to hear the balls popping inside the toy.

Step2 duck pond water table – I purchased this one on a deal from Toys R us. I really needed something to beat the summer heat as it becomes hard to keep a toddler occupied indoors without television. This is a great product because kids love to play with water. There are many versions of water table which I will be exploring in the future.

Toy stroller – I am a big fan of this stroller as it’s extremely cute. My son loves to push it around the house with a doll seated in the stroller. It also lets him stay in motion for a long time. It’s cheaper at Toys “R” us than amazon.

Pull along toys – I think pull along toys are fun for kids as they love to pull along almost anything as they walk around. I didn’t have to really research because I got a couple of them as birthday gifts which are amazing. There are so many pull along toys out there that it can get really confusing to pick. But parents will know what’s best. Sing along toys are also a great add on as they let kids to be familiar with music.

bubbles – Children are fascinated with bubbles. I usually use them when my son gets really cranky as it a great way to distract him.

Board books- Being an ardent reader, I have been reading to my son from day one. Today, he favors at least 5 to 6 books and cannot go without reading them even a day. We read together the same books over and over because babies and toddlers love to hear familiar stories. I am amazed at the collection of board books that are out there in the market. I usually pick books after reading reviews posted by other customers.

Balls – No surprise here. Balls are a great way to have fun time with kids as it lets them move around everywhere. The downside to this is that you also should be extremely active as ball play needs company.

I would love to hear from other parents on what kind of toys allow children to be active without the need of being dependent on screen time.


  1. My daughter got a mini vacuum cleaner as a gift. It's "Fisher price laugh and learn smart stages". I'm sure this will engage the kids quite a bit.


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