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What’s good about Workin’ Moms on Netflix?

Image Source : Working Moms

As moms, I think it’s very important to find ways to de-stress ourselves as we do repetitive things day and night to show our children why it’s important to cultivate good habits. As much as we do the same things with the goal of raising good humans, it’s sometimes boring. Yes, that’s the tiny little truth not everybody will admit too.

 Motherhood, as much as it’s exciting, can be boring and monotonous. But the good news is that the boring plus the good parts don’t last forever as children grow out of each phase. Tada! Before we know it, the kids are tall and big, as we wonder what happened to the tiny humans we created not so long ago.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, I recently got hooked to a Canadian series on Netflix which is titled ‘Workin’ Moms’ which is about four working mothers who balance their personal and professional lives. It’s about mothers who love their children but also love their jobs, it’s about mothers who sometimes don’t want to have sex because they simply are not in the mood, it’s about mothers who lose connectivity with their partner but find ways to ignite the old flame, it’s about mothers who don’t judge and don’t want to be judged.

 The show clearly proves that judging or ranking mothers is a big no-no. Honestly, I have been there as a mom who has judged a fellow mom for not being at home with her kids or not choosing to breastfeed or not feeding her enough or blah blah. But I grew out of it because deep down, the fellow mom knew that what she was doing was best for herself and her child.

It’s a mother’s choice to breastfeed her child or start her baby on formula, to limit screen-time or not, to limit bedtime or not, to co-sleep or have a separate room, to send their child to daycare or not, to set rules or break rules, to sometimes just leave the children back home (supervised of course) so she can unwind herself and have a drink…the list goes on. What works for one mother doesn’t necessarily work for another. What works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another.

But it’s human tendency to judge which is not wrong at all. Perhaps judging gives us a sense of accomplishment that what we are doing is right. But identifying these feelings quickly will let us know that every mother, new or experienced, is doing the best for herself and her child. 

Note here, it’s not only about the child always. It’s also about the well-being and happiness of the mother too.

As mothers, we share a great bond because inside, we all know that it’s hard work to raise human beings as we all sometimes lose our mind in the process. But we do collect ourselves, keep going at it until we find our ways.

If you do get a chance, do catch the show for some real good mommy entertainment. And remember, no judging!


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