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Grocery Shopping

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I generally do not try to venture outside with two kids at all. One is okay. It’s human to be able to take one outside because with two sets of eyes, you can only see as much and looking at just one kid is eyes-full. But then when is the right time to be out alone with two? That’s what I asked myself when I decided to do grocery shopping with my munchkins.

So, here is the thing. I drop-off my son to school at mid-day around 11.30ish every morning. It works good for us, gives us time to wake up late, endure brushing battles, fill their tummies with food, do diaper changes that occur every 30 minutes, endure toddler drama that begins only when it’s time to leave the house.

One day, there was enough drama rising up. The baby refused to go down for her morning nap (because she didn’t want to miss the fun) Really? What’s more fun than sleeping? I could miss anything for a night’s sleep. And the toddler decided it was his turn too because he had exceeded his quota of being well-behaved. Can’t blame him, can we? After all, he has to use his powers of being a toddler before they get taken away from him.

But I am a wise mamma, or maybe I thought I was when I decided at 11ish to do grocery shopping at Stop and Shop, a ridiculously large store that has 20 aisles of things I never need. Anyway, I buckled the kids into their seats (ah, the precious peaceful moments of the day are when they are tied down). I mutter, yes, scream all you want, talk all you want. I am at peace now because I don’t have to deal with you running around or touching me.

We reach the store in ten minutes during which I tell my toddler umpteen times that he HAS to make sure he remains with me and the baby at all times and that he CANNOT demand a cart with car-make no matter how tempting it seems to be. I almost sign a deal with him except that we didn’t have a pen and a paper kind of deal. But it did seem like pretty strong unbreakable deal, until we stepped inside the store.

We began with the fruit section, me occasionally turning to pick a veggie as I argued with the toddler on why he cannot get a whole box of cupcakes because I hate cupcakes. I didn’t tell him that but I didn’t let him buy them either because we need a dessert that both of us could enjoy. The baby was asleep by then so one less problem.

For the next 15 minutes, we jumped from aisle to aisle, picking things we didn’t need at all. Like the toddler stopped at the toy section and I agreed that he could pick one Hot Wheels (because they cost only $1, cheaper than the rest of the items) while I proceeded to the baby food section to pick things that the baby might need after two or three months. But hey, I was there and I might as well take a peek. It would hardly take a minute (okay, it took ten minutes).

I was getting late so I decided to hurry to get the items billed which is when my toddler drops a bomb – I want to pee. I looked at him as if he had just told me that he wanted to jump out of the airplane.  After, ‘I am hungry’ (which happens 9 out of 10 times when we are out), I dread the words ‘I want to pee’.

But you just pee’d before we left, I say. He shrugs and repeats that he wants to pee. The restroom was located on the other end of the store so made a long walk with me carrying the cart with the items and the car seat as the toddler trotted beside me.

After we are done, we head to the billing section where we endure another long wait of ten minutes. Hurriedly, I rush to the car and pile up bags inside the boot and buckle the kids again (which is a painful task when the wind outside is -3 degrees and the toddler wants you to buckle him up an inch tighter and doesn’t approve for a whole two minutes).

I dropped off the toddler and returned home, where I dumped the bags in the middle of the room. The baby thankfully was still sleeping (now she loves sleep!). I puff like a deflated balloon on the sofa and I tell myself just one thing – I am not doing this again ever!

A little about me: Chital Mehta has authored five fiction novels I Luv My Lyf, The Promise, Are you the one for me? and The Heart’s Whisper. The Chennai Killings is her latest. The Promise went on to sell more than 6000 copies and was a national bestseller. She is constantly writing about her life and experiences in her blogs. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Lindenwood University. She believes that every style of art must be cherished to its truest form. Chital is deeply passionate about human life and is constantly on the lookout for good stories. She usually spends her time writing ‘THE’ book and chasing butterflies with her toddler. Currently, she is residing in Massachusetts, US with her husband and children. You can connect with her on Facebook at or on Twitter @chitalmehta. She can be found online -


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